As I was conducting my inventories look what I found!  #FortBliss #LifeInTheDesert (at Fort Bliss Tx)
Giraffe!   (at El Paso Zoo)
21st Jul 201423:08
We are having fun! (at El Paso Zoo)
20th Jul 201415:35
We are touring through Asia! #  (at El Paso Zoo)
20th Jul 201415:33
Elephants.  (at El Paso Zoo)
20th Jul 201415:321 note
Birds!  (at El Paso Zoo)
20th Jul 201415:27
Me and Grama! Isn’t it a beautiful day!? (at El Paso Zoo)
20th Jul 201415:23
Grama and Sister!  (at El Paso Zoo)
20th Jul 201415:14
Mountain Ranges. #Nature #Beautiful #FortBliss
Ladies Night Out!  (at Hope & Anchor)
13th Jul 201402:48
It’s that time to werk. #Crossfit #KeepGrinding  #PaleoIsHelping  (at Crossfit 915 East)
105 PULL UPS. #GetLikeMe #MyHandsRipped #Crossfit #PullUps #Cray  (at Crossfit 915 East)
Grill out with friends! This food looks amaze and tastes amaze. (at The Bungalows at North Hills)
7th Jul 201420:57

Latch - “Disclosure Feat Sam Smith”

This is for you Mom, I know I’ve been telling you all about my shopping and haven’t showed you any pictures. Here is a small glimpse of my living room :)
5th Jul 201420:25
Opaque  by  andbamnan