M4 Range Day, let’s qualify and get back to work. #ARMYStrong #86thESB #Hooah  (at McGregor Range 14)
86th ESB 10 Miler Team! #Awesome #ARMYStrong #Hooah FBTX (at Soto Gym @ Biggs Air Base)
Got 15th place overall! This is awesome,  didn’t train for it, and decided only last night to do it just for fun because my company peers were doing it. I thank them so much for motivating me! #ARMYStrong #Hooah  #FBTX #4000FeetAboveSeaLevel #Elevation  (at Soto Gym @ Biggs Air Base)
10 Miler at FBTX! Ran it in1:37.05!!! (at Soto Gym @ Biggs Air Base)
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Priory - Weekend

Great tune, great lyrics, great upcoming band. Everyone should pay attention to them, grand talent.


El Paso, TX has crazy drivers. Thank God nobody was hurt in the collision I was in, but now the inconvenience of estimates and having my car at the shop for who knows who long commences. #USAA #BestInsuranceCompanyEver   (at Caliber Collision Center)
~   Rainer Maria Rilke (via frazzledfran)

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~   Anton Chekhov, The Seagull (via frazzledfran)

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~   Why you deserve a vacation (via theweekmagazine)
~   Things I’ll teach my children

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Querelle, 2014
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